Do you provide coffee?

We leave coffee making to the professionals! And there are many good baristas on Main Street in Beacon who are happy to take your order for coffee for large party. If you are wanting to serve yourself coffee from a French Press, we do have two of them in the room, plus one kettle. But see our Planning page for where to order coffee.


Is the Telephone Building for sale?

It is! And we have the most supportive building owner ever. Prospective buyers of the Telephone Building sekem to want healthy businesses already inside of it. We are happy to oblige and be one of those businesses. If you are interested in buying the Telephone Building, please see their website.


Is A Little Beacon Space part of A Little Beacon Blog?

It is! A Little Beacon Space is the first room we rented inside of the Telephone Building. It served as the office of A Little Beacon Blog and main HQ. We always rented it out for Pop-Up Shops and Business Meetings. We open it up to other creative and unusual meetings as well, to give the public access to notable things. When you rent A Little Beacon Space, you are directly contributing to local media by way of adding revenue, and we thank you.